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Who Is Marty?

Marty Ortiz is a bilingual Co-Active Certified Professional Coach focused on helping young women navigate towards a more fulfilled life by uncovering rooted issues with self-esteem, lack of confidence, overwhelm and burnout.

Through a process of guidance and experiential learning, Marty’s students are able to ignite personal transformation. She provides a safe space where young women feel heard, understood and most importantly a space where they can be themselves.

With a business degree and over 7 years of serving as a professional Spanish interpreter, Marty leads with a well-rounded business-savvy approach to her student’s goals.

More About Me

I love hikes, the beach and just being outdoors, (well when it’s warm anyway!)

I treasure family and friends.

I’m a dedicated dog mom to Harley and Thor.

I’ve learned to embrace my singleness, happiness, and my inner peace above all.

I find more of myself when I travel and can’t wait for my next adventure.

Certified Co-Active
Professional Coach

Using the essential coaching model and principles from the Co-Active® Training Institute, I will guide you on your own transformational journey.