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Don’t Let Social Media F*ck With Your Confidence!

There is no denying we rely on social media to keep us up-to-date and informed. There is also no denying social media f*cks with your confidence big time. So it is important to take breaks from scrolling to maintain your sanity and of course your confidence. Recent research and my own experience both prove that using social media negatively impacts both confidence and self-esteem.

The reason is because most profiles are filled with all the nice stuff and the beautiful vacations and the latest designer everything and if you feel you can’t ever achieve that level of lifestyle, it will for sure f*ck with your head and confidence. Heavy filters and the posting of only the “happiest and most perfect” photos cause you (and me) to feel like we are missing out on something.

Let’s take a social media break and give ourselves a mental break. I know it’s not easy, especially when we spend so much time and rely so heavily on social media. So, I want to point out some of the things you can replace that endless scroll with and give your confidence the boost it needs to start the new year off strong!

  1. Reconnect with yourself. Spend more time thinking about what you want and what is best for you without the social media influence. Especially as we get closer to the new year and new goals. Not having your phone in hand while walking, eating, pooping or whatever else you do while on the phone, will give you time to focus on you and not the unrealistic life too many people have online.
  2. Fill your time with things you enjoy doing that you may have stopped doing, or recently haven’t done much of. Perhaps reading, talking to friends (not just texting), going for walks, hiking, or journaling. If you’ve been following you know how much I love journaling, but haven’t been consistently doing it in the last couple months. I’ll be making use of this time to pick back up on my daily habit of journaling by writing in it every day.  
  3. Instead of scrolling, binge read or binge listen. Find books or podcasts or online courses that will inspire you daily and begin to make a habit of listening to something daily. Don’t wait to ring in 2023 to do this, you can start right now! Look up inspirational speakers, listen to their podcasts, read their books and inundate yourself with new knowledge to get inspired.
  4. Be social offline. Plan a day trip or short road trip with close friends or family. Can’t fit that in? Have a friend over or meet them for coffee or a drink and enjoy time spent with them without being on the phone. Challenge them to stay off the phone as well so you can all enjoy this time mindfully.
  5. Set some self-care goals for yourself so you are refreshed, glowing and energized going into 2023. You deserve it!

Whether you take a complete break from social media like I will December 24th-January 5th or even reduce your time on it, I want to wish you the best and happiest holiday season and a Happy New Year!  My hope is you enjoy all of it confidently 💪🏻

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