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Starting something new at the beginning of the year is a powerful way to get you on a path to make positive changes. And we are still at the beginning of the year with plenty of time to get working!

BUT a lot of girls tell me how difficult it is to keep and even more difficult to achieve goals.

I’m going to get real with you and tell you one of the main reason it’s so difficult to stick to these goals.

Because you are setting crazy ass goals that aren’t realistic.

I’m not saying getting healthier or landing your dream job or that new romantic partner or moving out on your own is the unrealistic part. The way you sometimes expect your goals to happen is unrealistic.

For example:

One of my clients said she wanted to lose about 30 pounds, she knows it’s the healthy thing to do. She also shared it would be a weight she’d be happy with. Great!  

When we explored how she planned to lose those 30 pounds, she wrote down the following:

  1. Start exercising every day at the gym for at least an hour
  2. Cut out bread
  3. Cut out sugar
  4. Stop drinking alcohol
  5. Stick to 1,200-1,400 calories per day

Not so great! This, my friends, is a fail of epic proportions. Let me explain why. She has never exercised more than 1-2 days per week. She’s never given up sugar or bread on their own. And even though she’s not a heavy drinker, she mentioned she drinks socially and she enjoys it. And about those calories per day, she’s been consuming over 2,000 per day.

Can you say unrealistic? I’ve said this before and I will say it again, setting unrealistic goals is not going to work and it will lead you to giving up.

The key to setting and achieving goals is to make them as doable as possible. After having this conversation with her and emphasizing that we are trying to boost her confidence rather than shatter it by setting unrealistic goals that she will give up on and feel terrible about, we edited the list.

I asked her to narrow down her list to three items that were the most doable. Things changed when we started breaking down this list into “doable” tasks.

She said, “Well maybe I can’t really exercise every day of the week.” Really? Thank goodness for her own realization! I don’t know anyone, at least not in my circle who have the ability or the time to work out at the gym every day.

Sugar and bread. She decided bread might be a little easier and will cut down on sugar instead. Now we’re getting somewhere.

So you get the point here. Doable, realistic, attainable, achievable. That’s the goal for the goal.

Now, if you haven’t even set a goal and you want to but don’t know where to start. These are my suggestions:

The best way to start is by writing these things down:

1️. Determine what’s most important (for my client, a healthy weight is most important)

2️. Make realistic/achievable goals. I’ve mentioned this above.

3️. Create an action plan. This requires a separate blog, but basically it’s the exact steps you’ll take to achieve, if not get closer to, your goal.

4️. Give yourself a timeframe. Is it achievable in 6 months or more like a year? If you don’t set a date for when you want to achieve the goal, or dates for when you’ll complete the small steps to get there, it’s not really a goal. It’s only a wish.

5. Visualize yourself already having accomplished your goal. (for the example with my client: I told her to imagine herself already in the size clothes she’s going to buy after reaching her goal weight. How does she feel 30 pounds ligther? Relish in those feelings!  

Bonus: Celebrate along the way, even the smallest progress.

And that’s how you’re going to become the girl who achieves goals.

What are you waiting for to set achievable, realistic goals? We are still at the beginning of the year and have plenty of time to get to work.

Remember your whole life can change in a year, but you have to love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more and be disciplined enough to actually work to get more!   

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