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Start Making the Most of Your 20’s

It’s been a little while since my last blog post, but here it is! This one is dedicated to the 20-somethings who I have the pleasure to coach. And who constantly ask for advice on what they can be doing now to improve. Enjoy!

You’re going to spend the majority of your 20’s feeling insecure, maybe alone, broke and like you’re failing a little bit, or even a lot.

The only thing I remember having a grasp on in my 20’s is the fact I needed to get a college degree. My parents were hardworking immigrant field workers, so I wanted to live a better life than what they could. Yes, I made good friends, I had good times in college, but I never felt like I was fully living my 20’s when I was in them; rather, I felt like I was simply existing in a haze of uncertainty. Here are a few ways  to start making the most of your 20’s to set yourself up for a more fulfilled and successful future.

Financial experts have said the biggest mistake young adults make is not saving for retirement. I felt this one. When I finally decided to participate in my company’s 401K, I was in my 30’s. I kicked myself in the ass when I realized the amount I could have had if I started years earlier. Most companies match your investment, and other tax savings advantages add up. So, educate yourself now on the power of compound interest and/or the importance of contributing to a 401(k) or other retirement saving accounts. 

Did you know women are less likely to ask for a raise? This means you’ll lose out on a lot of money in your 20’s. I never asked for a raise and was just happy receiving one if I did. No one ever told me I should or that I even could ask for a raise. Thinking back, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to ask anyway. That’s why it’s important to know your worth now, know that you deserve to be paid just as much as your male counterpart. Embrace the idea of negotiating pay at the start of your job, and ask for pay raises. As you build your confidence around this, you will be more likely to ask for raises and promotions, or to seek higher paying jobs. You are worth it!

When I ask women what they wish they had done differently in their 20s, the most frequent response I get is they would have cared less about what other people thought about them. I join in that answer! I held back from doing many things in my 20’s out of fear of being judged. What I’ve figured out is this, if you think someone is staring at you, judging you, thinking bad about you, they’re not! Even if they were for just a minute, they will forget about you and continue on with their lives. People are selfish, busy, have their own agendas and not worried about you. So this fear is unwarranted, and when you fully accept this, you will finally start living your life for yourself and your own approval and no one else’s. 

When you start to care less, you’ll start doing  more—more doing what you want. More wearing what you want, more showing your face. More embracing your body, more accepting of all your so-called flaws, more loving yourself!

This one is so underused but it’s the first thing I can think of that started to change my life. I began to feel more at peace with where I was in life. I began to attract better opportunities. I felt happier. And believe it or not, I even slept better. But not until my 30’s when I was introduced to The Secret and finally learned the importance of having this attitude of gratitude. You can start experiencing all the magic of being grateful in your 20’s. The very first thing it does is it allows you to focus on what you do have.

Oh, you don’t have a fancy car?

Be grateful you have a car and that you’re able to get to and from work, and to your classes on time and to your friend’s house without relying on other people or public transport.

See how that changes the way you feel?

I’ve never had anyone tell me being grateful made them feel terrible. In fact, they report back thanking me for getting them started on their gratitude practice. That’s  because—and there’s plenty of research to back this  up—your brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for your emotions. Check out this article by Psychology Today to learn more.

“If you practice gratitude a little, your life will change a little. If you practice gratitude a lot every day, your life will change dramatically and in ways that you can hardly imagine.” ~ Rhonda Byrne, The Magic

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