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Hey! I want you to live your best life.  If you know my story, you know I held myself back for too long due to my lack of confidence. I want to make sure that at this young age, you have the information I didn’t. I now know that confident women have an easier time asking for what they want without being embarrassed about it, facing challenges and approving of themselves without anyone else having to. Here are the 4 types of confidence so you can decide which if not all, you want to start working on so you can set yourself up for the success you want, whatever that means for you.

Physical Confidence

This goes beyond physical beauty and strength. And no this isn’t just about your weight or level of fitness! This is all about how you carry yourself. Do you walk with your head down? Stop! Look up because you’ll miss a lot less and appear more confident if you do. I saw an article that said physical confidence is all about more swagger and less slouch. 100%! So remember to stand straight, head up, shoulders back and smile!

Physical confidence is also about taking care of your appearance. It’s true when they say “if you look good, you feel good.” When you wear maybe that old t-shirt, or when you apply makeup? Or maybe you’re most confident without makeup? Heels? That does it for me, but everyone is different so figure out what you feel good in. Whatever it is, practice doing more of it and enjoy the feeling. Don’t ever conform to beauty standards that don’t work for you.

Social Confidence

Be social…outside of social media that is. This one is all about our level of comfort in social situations. We are social beings so creating a social circle with meaningful connections is a healthy way to take care of your mental wellbeing. This will lead to closer, more authentic relationships with your friends and those you socialize with. And that alone will help you develop and improve social confidence.

Start improving your social confidence by initiating the conversation first. The important thing is to look for something you like or find unique about the other person. We humans love compliments! So it can be as easy as complimenting someone on something you like. Their outfit, their shoes, their smile and this will spark the convo.

When you’re surrounded by people you don’t know, simply try to find something in common with them. This creates an instant conversation piece. You won’t be stuck in that awkward silence not knowing what to say next because its something you have knowledge about. Try it and let me know how it went!

Spiritual Confidence

I always say confidence is an ongoing journey, but its even more true for our journey to finding spiritual confidence. I call this inner peace, because being at peace with yourself is the quickest way to feel confident. I ground myself on this spiritual confidence when I need to remind myself of who I am. I rely on something bigger than myself for reassurance that I am on the right path and to feel a sense of belonging.

You can do the same. Remember, this spiritual confidence does not have to be associated with a specific religion or belief. You can begin to incorporate anything that will honor your path to healing, forgiveness, happiness and purpose. You can start by adding a few simple techniques to your daily habits such as:

Meditation– a short practice for settling your mind.

Journaling– one of the best ways I know to keep your personal thoughts and feelings in one place. My favorite is a gratitude journal. What are you grateful for? Write it all down.

Affirmations– this can be incorporated into your journaling. How do you want to feel and what do you want? Again, write it all down. There is no right or wrong way here and you can start this immediately. I haven’t had anyone tell me they hated it or that it didn’t work. Have you ever tried it?

If you’ve never heard of these, or need some help getting started, let me know and I will send you more tips on how to use these techniques.

Emotional/Mental Confidence

Have you heard of this one? Emotional confidence has to do with the ability to acknowledge your emotions and process them, rather than fighting them or simply ignoring them. Many young women are afraid of being judged, of opening up, and even of crying because they believe showing any emotion is a sign of weakness.

This is so far from the truth. I have been urging my young clients to have a “cry session.” Like literally schedule time for a cry session. When you release those bottled up emotions through crying, you feel better. And it doesn’t stop there. Acknowledging the emotions is a big part of being able to process them, and helps your mental wellbeing. I’ll go deeper into this as I continue the blog posts, stay tuned.

So remember, just because someone is confident in one area, doesn’t mean they are confident in all areas, and we can all improve somewhere. Which type of confidence would you like to improve?  Let me know in the comments and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next blog post.

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