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Dare to Travel Alone

There is no doubt traveling with friends is usually going to be a lot of fun. But sometimes it’s difficult to coordinate schedules for dinner with friends, let alone a trip. As most of you already know, I’m single so it makes it really easy to travel alone. And since I was way overdue for a vacation, I decided to go to Antigua. Which by the way, is pronounced An-tee-guh, not An-tee-gwuh. I had been saying it wrong for too long.

I was a little nervous about this trip because although I am used to traveling alone for work, weekend getaways, and to meet friends at travel destinations, this was my very first time traveling solo internationally. Yes, it was a bit intimidating at first but once I boarded the airplane, I settled in to the thought of being on the beach with my adult beverage in hand and enjoying myself. (COVID safe of course)

And there I was, doing exactly that. I went with the intention of clearing my head, relaxing on the beach and writing about my experience for my single readers and friends who may be thinking about traveling alone, but haven’t quite decided to. I suggest you give it a positive spin and think of it as “traveling with yourself” and not, traveling alone. You are with someone who cares about your well-being and happiness. Hopefully this will encourage you and give you confidence to book your solo adventure.

The first thing I did when I arrived was take in all the beauty around me. OMG, the water! This is what I had been dreaming about for over a year. Antigua is an island in the Caribbean so you can imagine the warm, clear turquoise water and powdery sand beaches.

Traveling alone gives you the freedom to do anything when and how you want. When I have traveled with friends or family in the past, we all have to agree to do the same thing, even if we aren’t necessarily interested. Or sometimes when I want to do something and offer it as a suggestion, I end up worried they may not enjoy it. Not on this trip! I have to say it was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable trips yet. Self-care at its finest.

Some people will absolutely reject the idea of a solo trip. Maybe because they don’t feel safe, or don’t like to eat alone, or they think they’ll get bored, or simply prefer to go with someone. You can create memorable experiences on your own just as well as you can create them with your partner or friends. And yes, it sucks you can’t have someone taking perfect pics of you the whole trip. For someone who doesn’t have any selfie game like me, I just do the best I can with the timer and video settings. So don’t let this minor detail deter you from considering an amazing solo adventure.

Here are some of my tips for your solo adventure:

#1 – Research the destination first. Make sure it’s what you have in mind and that it’s solo traveler friendly. I found out the Sandals resort is couples only, so don’t try to go there!

#2 – If it’s your first solo trip, begin with 2-3 days max. A short trip is ideal to give you a chance to see how you like it. Anything longer may seem too long and you definitely don’t want to ruin your chances of becoming a solo traveler extraordinaire.

#3 – Share your trip itinerary with someone you trust and do daily check-ins if possible. Especially if your trip involves international travel.

#4 – Pack light. You don’t want to waste time waiting for baggage and certainly don’t want to risk a lost luggage incident. You have places to be, so pack light and get going!

#5 – Avoid posting on social media about where you are. Don’t post until you’re getting ready to head home or already home. According to an ABC news article, this is for your safety since a high percentage of burglars and stalkers troll the internet looking for easy targets.

#6 – Fill your day with activities and full day tours. You will avoid feeling bored or lonely when you have fun filled days.

#7 – Go confidently, stay in public areas and take tons of photos. Most importantly enjoy yourself and make it a memorable experience.

If alone travel just doesn’t sound like the thing for you, then by all means follow your instinct and don’t go alone. But my suggestion is, still travel. Travel to make memories, to learn new things, to slip away from your daily routine and recharge. I dare you.

Are you ready to travel alone? If so, where are you going? I would love to hear about it. Comment below.

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