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Do You Know Your Self-worth?

I’m a firm believer in having self-worth, and in order to have self-worth, you’ll have to respect and love yourself. Why? Because you must set the bar for the person who chooses to love you! This means you will accept nothing less than the amount of love you show yourself. How will they know how much to love you, if you don’t?

If you are searching for love, a partner or someone to simply accept you, make sure they know how much you love and value yourself so they will offer nothing less.

It’s like setting a price tag for yourself. The price tag is not a starting bid, nor a barter system. It is a set price tag the buyer will either take or leave the same way we do when we make a purchase. If we don’t see the value of the item, then we will not fork out the money. If we do see value and we want the item bad enough, we do whatever we need to do in order to buy at the listed price. We don’t go into a store and try to pay less than the price tag, right? We work a little harder, save up if we need to and go back and make the purchase. If we need something and want it bad enough and recognize the value, we pay for it! Do you see what I’m saying here?

So, set your value so you attract only the most qualified people you would want to spend your time with. Those who can afford you and the unconditional love you have to offer, the loyalty, respect and the integrity which comes with someone who knows their worth. 

And it’s perfectly OK to be working up to a certain standard. Remember quality takes time. Just make sure to start building your self-worth and set those standards high! Also, if you don’t like the standards you have now, change them. Just make sure it’s an upgrade.

Remember that in order to attract better, you also have to become better yourself. Once I figured this out and began to work on my self-worth, I stopped trying to rush into meaningless relationships that only brought me down. I have learned to quickly walk away from people who don’t value me. They may not know my worth, but I do, and I want to help you if you feel you don’t know yours. I want to help build you up and do away with your insecurities and limiting beliefs. I want to remind you that you are worthy! Remember to always work on yourself, and if you are single, read my Singleness is Not Loneliness blog where I share my tips on how to embrace a solo lifestyle. 

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