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I Am Now Who I Needed When I Was Younger

Have you ever read a quote and it just stuck with you? “Be who you needed when you were younger,” by Ayesha Siddiqi is one that has stuck with me for a while. Through my coaching journey, I am now that person.

A little background for you. I moved out of my parents house when I was just eighteen years old and lived with other family off and on through my college years. At that young age, I don’t remember ever having a real conversation with anyone about what my life purpose was, or what I planned to do with my life. I must have changed my major three times and wasted a lot of time. So when I started working with my own coach as an adult, I was so inspired. I had an almost instant realization, “Had I had a coach to talk to, or someone to guide me when I was transitioning into adulthood and finding my way, my life would be very different.”

This is the reason I am so passionate about coaching. Because I know there is someone out there right now needing someone to talk to, who will listen and can provide guidance. During tough times its easy for insecurities to set in. I had tons of insecurities as a young adult. I was constantly looking for approval, had no self-love and no clue about what I truly wanted. Confidence was lacking and never identified any real passion for a career.

I wish I had known at a much younger age what I know now. That I didn’t need anyone’s approval but my own. That comparing myself to others is a confidence killer, and loving and being kind to myself is my job and no one else’s. I firmly believe had I been guided and asked the right questions and identified my strengths and values, I would have created a clear vision for myself. A vision I could hang on to and use to keep me focused on my goals. I am now that guiding force for every single young adult, and actually for anyone who may be struggling. My goal is to help you access more confidence, more self-love, more happiness and to achieve more!

I still have a lot of learning to do and it’s all part of this life long journey we are on and I embrace it all. My coach said it best, “You couldn’t have found your way any earlier because you can’t shortcut the journey.”

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