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Sanitize Your Mind, Body and Hands.

All this talk about sanitizing prompted me to think about other things in our lives we should sanitize to stay healthy.

For example, while you are sanitizing your hands and everything else around you, don’t forget to sanitize your mind and body as well.

The mind
Our mind is a powerful thing which controls our thoughts. If you are constantly thinking negatively, then stop it! What if you could sanitize your mind with a powerful sanitizer, what thoughts would you kill? Would it be the thoughts making you feel crazy? What about the ones telling you that you’re not good enough, or not worthy? Maybe there were some in there about past experiences you don’t want to think about. Did you manage to get rid of those? Pretend you are slathering your mind with sanitizer and make a decision about which ones you want to kill off. All negative emotions have a negative effect so make a choice to think positively.

Remember, sanitizers don’t kill 100% of those nasty germs, so yes, there’s a possibility they will return. So keep your mind sanitizer handy and continue to make room in your mind for healthier thoughts. These healthier thoughts help avoid stress, ultimately keeping us emotionally healthy. Clearing your mind of negative thoughts, drama, and nonsense help your body relax and your soul breathe.

The body
Are you currently filling your body with unhealthy food, unhealthy drinks, and unhealthy activities? Our body needs to be healthy to reduce the risk of getting sick, not just with COVID-19 but also with chronic illnesses.  Sanitizing your body by introducing healthier choices like regular exercise, getting enough rest, drinking plenty of water and avoiding stress will promote your general health. Regular exercise eliminates toxins and strengthens our immune system. Getting enough rest allows our bodies to do the work necessary to repair itself. I’m sure you have heard this over and over and I will repeat it, sleep is vital for our mental and physical health. I recommend to try and get the best sleep possible!

So, every time you go and sanitize your hands, your counters, your phone, remember to take a few minutes and ask yourself, did I sanitize my mind and body today? If the answer is no, then make a conscious effort to do so. What else should you be sanitizing to stay healthy? 

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