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Singleness is Not Loneliness- Should You Lower Your Standards?

How many times have you heard, “Your expectations are too high” or “Lower your standards” I’ve heard this so many times when it comes to not having a boyfriend, I can’t even count.

So, I started asking myself, lower my expectations to what? Or exactly how low should I lower my standards? Maybe they mean I should lower them to their standards? I don’t know. But what I do know is this, I will not lower my standards because I have no intention of receiving less, and neither should you!

Someone said, having high standards protects you from low quality experiences. So true. When you set standards for yourself and have high expectations for your love life, career, business, friends, the car you drive or what you wear, then that’s exactly what you will get, because you work and strive for those things. The way you treat yourself and the level of respect you demand is what you will end up receiving. You will attract the person who will make an effort to meet your expectations, if they don’t, then that’s okay. A strong, independent single person will wait. Being alone isn’t always easy, but to avoid something negative or unwanted, its always better to not settle.

Your expectations define you.
You have to do what you can to fulfill those expectations. Let people have their opinions. Allow them to judge you, misunderstand you even. But do not allow them to have any power over how you feel. Don’t allow them to make you feel like your standards are “too high.” Having high standards or any standards for that matter, means you know what you want. Stay committed to your standards. Stay committed to waiting until those standards and expectations can be met. You be the one to decide who and what you will allow in your life. This is also a form of self-love, which I am huge on. When you love yourself, you will not tolerate anything less than what you deserve.

You are not asking for too much when you know what you want.
If your standards include waiting for someone special, someone who gives you butterflies, someone you can be yourself with, who is kind, then wait! If you’re waiting for someone who checks all the boxes, with a gorgeous smile, wealthy, no kids, then wait and don’t settle for anything less. It’s your life, do what you can to fulfill your dreams and compromise only in the areas you see fit.

When you want something great invest in yourself and spoil yourself, whatever your definition of that may be, but it shouldn’t be considered being high maintenance or picky.  Never doubt you are worthy of the high standards you have set for yourself. Don’t forget to embrace your singleness!

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