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What’s your Superpower?

Life coaches talk a lot about superpowers. We all have them. Some of you may not have discovered yours yet, but it’s there…I know it! Since Halloween is coming right up, there’s nothing more appropriate for me to talk about than this.

A lot of us look forward to Halloween for the excitement of dressing up as our favorite Superhero so many of us wish we could be. We not only admire them for their superpowers but for the values they represent. Each one of them stand for something, hope, honor, justice, keeping the world safe. Some of us envision ourselves saving the world and others simply want to wear a cape. Which one are you?

Wonder Woman
My Superhero is the iconic Wonder Woman.  According to DC Comics, “Wonder Woman is constantly torn between her mission to promote peace and her need to fight back against the pervasive violence of her new home. She struggles to walk a line between her warrior strength and endless compassion each and every day.” I have always considered Wonder Woman one of the bravest, strongest, classiest, and most confident superheroes of all time. So this year, for the first time in many years, I am dressing up as…you guessed it! Wonder Woman.

I’m going to embody what she represents. I am going to walk tall, chin up and replicate her power pose, and when Halloween is over, and I’ve indulged in all the candy my friend’s kids share with me, I’m going to continue embodying her. It shouldn’t be just on Halloween that we assume these superpowers. I have the capability to be strong, promote peace and be compassionate every single day! Delving into my superpowers also allows me to succeed in every aspect of my life.

We all have superpowers
We all have a superpower. What’s yours? Is it a super strength or a super sense? How about the superpower to stand up for yourself, to be fearless, to be selfless? Kindness is also a superpower our world needs more of, especially during these current times. Do you inspire others? That’s a superpower. If you don’t immediately recognize yours, I can help you uncover and develop that hidden power.

So, let’s live like we are the superhero of our own movie. Be brave, believe in yourself, choose a cause to fight for, help others. Whether it’s simply helping them with a task or helping someone improve their life. You can right the wrongs. You can make a difference. You are a superhero after all!

During this Halloween season, I challenge you all to dress up as your favorite superhero and really feel and embody that superpower. Begin to apply it every single day! I would love to see your superhero costume and pose. And because not all superheroes wear capes, if your superhero is your mom, your dad, or someone you’d like to recognize for their contributions, please share! I’ll be sharing my photos on Halloween and can’t wait to see yours. Stay tuned.

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